This academy will take a deep dive into diversity, equity, and inclusion to help expand professionals' knowledge to create a more well-rounded society.

Upon completion of each course, a certificate is issued.

Hi, I’m LaShana Lewis!

I'm the founder and CEO of L. M. Lewis Consulting. I have over 20 years of experience in business and technology.

I started my company after experiencing issues that I discovered were ultimately based in a lack of understanding diversity and inclusion

Beyond business experience, I've participated in and led teams around the US in initiatives to expand diversity and improve the nonprofit landscape. This includes, but isn't limited to, the St. Louis LGBT Community Center, the LGBTQ Tech and Innovation Summit, Black Pride, Women 2.0., and the St. Louis Equity in Entrepreneurship Collective.

I've also served as CTO and IT Leader at various startups and nonprofits across the US.